Gebhardt Exhibit Guest Book

Let us know you were here! Sign our guest book and feel free to share any of your thoughts on this exhibit or memories of Gebhardt.

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16 thoughts on “Gebhardt Exhibit Guest Book

  1. James M. Smith says:

    I recently dug up a Gebhardt Chili Powder bottle and would like help dating it. On the bottom of the bottle it has the words, “DES PAT’D followed by what appears to be a number, an incircled marking and the number 8. I would appreciate any help identifying the date and possible value of this bottle. Thanks in advance. James

  2. Enjoyed the exhibit. After just finishing the book – Jose Antonio Navarro, In Search of the American Dream in the Nineteenth-Century Texas, your exhibit brought home the special relationship that Germans and Mexicans shared in the culinary arts. Plus, love the food. Will have to go and get me some now.

  3. Elaine says:

    I really enjoyed this exhibit. My family has told me about Willie Gebhardt for years. This collection confirmed the stories. Thank you for putting this together.

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