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69 thoughts on “Gebhardt Exhibit Guest Book

  1. Lily Vandenbosch says:

    I was brought up on Gebhardt Eagle Brand chili powder and
    Have all my children using it.
    I’m now in my late 70’s and I would not think of using
    Any other Brand of chili power
    I use to buy it by in the 5lb jar. Can find it anymore.
    Thank you for giving my dish’s a special flavor.
    Lily Vandenbosch
    627 s. Pacific St.
    Cape Girardeau MO.63703

  2. Angela Snider says:

    Great exhibit! Really shows how important this man and his company were to bringing authentic flavor of chili to the masses! Do you have any information on how the packaging of the chili powder changed over the years? I would be interested in how it adapted as the popularity of the product grew. Thanks!

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  4. Edward Charles Garner says:

    Hi everyone, i just wanted to say that i loved this exhibit and the obvious care that went into preparing it. I’m scrolling back to the top!

  5. YIRBA says:

    I knew a girl named Gebhardt in El Paso in the 1960’s and her family had a HUGE Mexican restaurant in El Paso. Is this the same Gebhardt family.? As I recall, they also had a cannery in El Paso.

    • UTSA Libraries says:

      We’re not sure! Although we have the Gebhardt Company collection, we don’t have a lot of information about the family.

  6. Claudia Rivers says:

    Thank you for this interesting online exhibit! We have a new cookbook collection at our library that includes several Gebhardt’s cookbooks, and this exhibit gave me background about the label.

  7. Bradley Thompson says:

    I am currently a marketing major and work simultaneously at H-E-B. Following this exhibit history was quite interesting and following the history of the Gebhardt co. impact on culture was a very positive impact. I would LOVE to see a follow up with additional information!!

    • UTSA Libraries says:

      Thanks for your comment Bradley! We would love to see someone do more research on Gebhardt as well. It would be a terrific topic for a Tex-Mex scholar!

  8. Hi I found a 1932 Gebhardt’s Mexican Cookery for American Homes . I understand that it is under “Rare” cook books , I would like to find out more about it and if it is worth anything. It looks like one someone would of ordered for $1 postage and Handling kit.
    Thank You
    Bonie Loiselle from AZ

  9. Kathleen Goodman says:

    I loved growing up eating Gebhadt Tamales. Great memories! Where can I buy them now? I moved from Texas to Missouri and can’t find them anywhere! Are they still being made? Please contact me at Thanks! Kathleen Goodman

  10. Lots of memories here. My mom & dad always used Gebhardt products. My dad used the Gebhardt BBQ sauce all the time for the family cookouts. I have been searching for a recipe of the BBQ sauce for a long time without any luck. It used to come in small cans, bottles, and later on only in gallons. If anyone has the recipe from the contents on the label, please e-mail to me at ( That is my goal before I go!!!!!

      • Rick Hernandez says:

        Thank you,

        You know I never knew that Spaghetti with Chili was a dish served in Texas as far back as the late 1800’s. I have visited the state of Ohio and they are known for offering Spaghetti with numerous spicy alarm levels of chili on their Spaghetti. I am glad to know the it all started in Texas.

        Thanks again,

        Rick Hernandez
        Highway Marketing
        Cell 210-260-7578


  11. Maria says:

    Awesome site! Thanks for the history lesson. During an archaeological excavation, my UT students recovered a fully intact Gebhardt Eagle Chili Powder glass bottle from an early 20th century African American site in Buda, TX. I was searching the internet to see if I could date the bottle and came across this web page. It’s cool to know that the chili powder was being made just down the road.

  12. Sue Collett Flanagan says:

    I grew up with Gebhardts Deviled chili meat…would love to find a recipe, or market where it is available. The ONLY chili powder is Gebhart! I wonder what the address of the old canning plant was? We love to go home to San Antonio, and look up old buildings!!

  13. Bruce G. Gebhardt says:

    I was pleased to see this (though sad that the product line is largely discontinued). Does anybody know why the chili powder can’t be found in most states?

  14. Monte Harris says:

    I have an old Gebhardt Chili Powder bottle that I found in my backyard. It has the eagle logo, etc. embossed in the glass. No paper label. I am curious to know how old it is. I can email pics if anyone is interested.

  15. Toby says:

    I have been buying Gebhardt Enchilada sauce for decades and now I am very disappointed at the recipe change for this product! Please change it back, enchiladas will never taste the same without the old recipe. It tastes like Old El Paso now, not good! Sincerely, a longtime loyal customer…

  16. Doyle Rowntree says:

    Very enjoyable presentation. My mother always used Gebhardt’s Chili Powder. Wish I had saved one of those old glass bottles! It was sad when Hunt-Wesson closed-down the San Antonio facility & moved to the West Coast. Must have occurred during the mid-80’s?

  17. Cathy Speegle says:

    Thanks for a wonderful exhibit that made me remember how my maternal grandmother always kept a can of Gebhardt tamales in her pantry in Oklahoma. When she 16, she and her brothers had worked in San Antonio during WWI, and she had met her husband-to-be, who was stationed at Kelly Field, at a street dance behind the Alamo. We always teased her about her “tamales,” but she said they made her happy.

  18. Eddie says:

    Hello my name is Eddie . I work at the old building on south Laredo st . where the gebhardt company was once located at I have found many items that were once part of the company /all the pressure cooking pots are still in the building / its a large building .

  19. Charlie says:

    Wow..really interesting and brought back so many wonderful memories of great food made and shared by family and friends. I was one lucky “white boy” helped raised by so many Mexican families in my westside neighborhood whose friendship and food I still love and cherish forever. Gebhardt’s was the BEST!!

  20. Lori Collins says:

    This was so interesting and such an important part of San Antonio and Texas history. I grew up with this brand and my mother and grandmother used it all the time. I was so sad when they stopped producing their “chili quik” seasoning. I have still not been able to duplicate that flavor. Thank you for a walk down memory lane.


  21. Marian Martinello says:

    Thank you for this informative and visually delightful exploration of Gehardt chili. I will send a link to members of the UTSA Retired Faculty Association and will be in touch about your team’s availability for a presentation to our group about your work. It complements mine on San Antonio’s Chili Queens. Congratulations on research well presented and shared on the Internet. You are offering the world an opportunity to get in touch with UTSA’s wonderful collections.

  22. James M. Smith says:

    I recently dug up a Gebhardt Chili Powder bottle and would like help dating it. On the bottom of the bottle it has the words, “DES PAT’D followed by what appears to be a number, an incircled marking and the number 8. I would appreciate any help identifying the date and possible value of this bottle. Thanks in advance. James

  23. Enjoyed the exhibit. After just finishing the book – Jose Antonio Navarro, In Search of the American Dream in the Nineteenth-Century Texas, your exhibit brought home the special relationship that Germans and Mexicans shared in the culinary arts. Plus, love the food. Will have to go and get me some now.

  24. Elaine says:

    I really enjoyed this exhibit. My family has told me about Willie Gebhardt for years. This collection confirmed the stories. Thank you for putting this together.

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